Monolithic Technology


Keeping in view the need for finding an alternative rapid construction technology which could prove its worth both in terms of reliability and sustainability, BSBK took another bold step in adopting the Monolithic Concrete Technology, with its primary focus on mass housing projects under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna.

The need to adopt Monolithic Concrete Technology also arose from the fact that setting up of a Precast Plant for production of various elements is feasible only when the project size is substantial, while Monolithic concrete construction can be used even for minimal project size.

Monolithic construction is one in which all the components like walls, slabs, staircases, sunshades etc are cast monolithically at one time using one homogenous material that is concrete. Therefore the basic essential input for monolithic concrete construction comprises of three important elements, namely, Highly workable concrete mix, Pre-engineered formwork system and Reinforcement.

With advancements in the quality of materials, workmanship and new technologies, monolithic concrete has become a very modern, high tech industry and has become popular on the basis of Savings in materials and labor, Improved quality of product & workmanship and High speed in construction.

Advantages of Monolithic Concrete Technology

  • Fast-track construction- Most of the key components like walls, columns, beams, floor slabs, staircases, balconies, openings, hoods, storage lofts, etc., are monolithically concreted in-situ.
  • No need of bricks, blocks and plastering on the exterior surface.
  • Because of reduced dead load, superstructure and foundation cost are minimised without compromising on strength.
  • These structures are efficient against earth-quake due to its single rigid block nature.
  • Excellent finished surface avoids expensive plastering and enhances a relatively water resistant surface.
  • All services like electrical, plumbing & sanitary are embedded before concreting which avoids breaking & making of structures.
  • It demands least quality control on site-which is the greatest advantage for fast track construction.
  • Whenever there is a challenge of construction in least possible time with best quality.

In today’s context, a great amount of rebuilding the urban infrastructure is involved and these are within dense urban areas. Renovation, rehabilitation or rebuilds can be techno-commercially and environmentally feasible only by such technologies and techniques like ‘Monolithic’.